Atmospheric Reentry

Starting from the simple question of what it would feel like to wear a cloud, a series of sculptural head/body pieces blurs the boundaries around the wearer. Hundreds of spiky feather-like units fan out to achieve a density and lightness of form that surround the wearer in an brightly-coloured, luminescent aura.

The aesthetic of the collection is inspired by the futuristic mood of sound and imagery taken from Robert Wilson’s 1976 production of Philip Glass’ opera “Einstein on the Beach”, which Maiko saw during its reproduction in London during March 2012.

Maiko favors the use of conventional materials, with each piece a careful assembly of hundreds of spiky feather-like units constructed from clear acrylic discs, colour-gradient tinted film and silver jump rings, which are transformed into surreal and ethereal experiences for the wearer and the surrounding environment.


Photography (image 1-13) by Bryan Huynh

Photography (image 13-20) by Ayako Kichikawa